DEX’s Services

Deaf Ex-Mainstreamers’ Ltd is working in partnership with Deaf Quality, which is a social enterprise,  to provide quality user involvement and training with respect to deaf children’s access to education.

DEX and Deaf Quality have a successful joint track record of involving deaf children and young people, consultancy,  advocacy,  and training local authorities, parents and deaf young people:

Individuals’ Assessments and reviews

  • Support with statementing procedure and reviews
  • Support with appeals with placements or Individual Education Plans etc
  • School Accessibility Plans
  • Equality Impact Assessments
  • Equality Schemes
  • service assessments
  • mapping
  • advice and support
  • non-judgemental and confidential service
  • shared problem solving and discussion.

Involvement in planning and policy

  • Setting of DEX’s Framework for Action
  • National and local policy reviews
  • Support and leadership of internal reviews
  • Mapping of health, local authority and voluntary organisations’ services, including cross-cutting analysis
  • Mapping of information flow to families
  • Data base analysis, i.e. numbers of deaf children with SEN, from BME communities, demographic spread, age and gender etc.
  • Participation and involvement with deaf children and young people
  • Workforce management and continuing professional development

Training and information

  • bespoke consultation and training sessions, using different approaches, i.e. presentation, coaching, one-to-one meetings
  • training managers, mainstream teachers, specialist teachers and support staff
  • training health and social services professionals working with deaf children
  • parents’ courses, particularly for those with deaf children in the Early Years
  • anti-bullying training to deaf and hearing pupils
  • anti-bullying policy for schools.

DEX uses the Learning Skills Council’s Quality Improvement Toolkit for trainers’ evaluation, which is to Ofsted standards.

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